Kylin Prime Group

Thu, Dec 6

UK Tier1 Investor Visa Programme Temporarily Suspended

Latest update on the tightening of UK Tier 1 investment migration regulations will temporary suspend the program for review from midnight on Dec 7th.  Investors with applications already submitted will not be affected by this interim suspension. The new reform directives to be imposed in 2019 will continue to encourage “legitimate and genuine investors” to mutually benefit from gaining residency and citizenship while supporting the growth of UK businesses. 

In efforts to crackdown on money laundering and corporate financial crimes, key reform directives include:

- Independent, regulated auditors to access applicant’s source of fund and business interests

- Investors requirement to show investment funds have been under control for a minimum of 2 years

- Provision for pooled investments with “clear economic benefit to UK” such as supporting small and medium-sized businesses

From Kylin Prime Capital’s Investment Management perspective, being fully compliant to immigration regulations has always been one of our principal directives.  Establishing legitimate investors source of fund (SOF) and source of wealth (SOW) is an essential part of our stringent Client Onboarding process.  Within our diverse and flexible investment strategies, we consistently seek new opportunities across various asset classes with primarily focus on the most liquid markets.

In the grand scheme of things, all improvements through tightening of regulations can positively be viewed as a progressive step forward towards strengthening the legitimacy and credibility across global golden visa programmes. 

We eagerly await further updates from the Home Office as publication has yet been released on the official Home Office website at time of press.