Kylin Prime Group

Thu, Dec 5

An Exclusive KPG London Client Event on 4th December 2019

On the 4th December, Kylin Prime Group hosted our event in our Mayfair offices on a cold December evening. Whilst the guests, friends and partners would have enjoyed the beautiful lights of Bond Street, Oxford Street and Selfridges, on the doorstep of the Park Street offices the welcome of the KPC team was equally as endearing in what was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The group’s Chief Operating Officer Ms Lingling Wu was the primary presenter offering a sound explanation of the expertise of whole groups business and geographical range.

The next speaker was Ms. Qian Dai the Director of Sales and Investment Division of KPG who introduced the groups citizenship and investment programmes in Croatia. Ms Qian gave a wonderful overview of the beauty, strength and progression of the country which has attracted property investment by some of the leading figures from the sporting and entertainment industry. 

Attendees were introduced to KPG’s popular real estate development investment programmes which is the strategic development programme recognized by Croatia government, via corporate bond investment opportunities recommended by Kylin Prime Capital LLP- FCA regulated financial and investment arm of KPG, offering attractive returns.

Ms Wu then gave our visitors an overview of the benefits of holding EU passport, introduced settlement programmes throughout the European Union and the UK. Explaining the “where” and “how” of how the business is perfectly poised to help non-nationals from start to finish as they look to open the door to a change of primary or secondary residence. 

The final speaker of the evening was Director of Asset and Investment Management. Mr Donald who facilitates the Financial Markets Trading and Investing by the UK FCA regulated entity. He covered over the wealth of experience within the team and the groups primary business focus on risk management and client investment transparency.

He covered over the range of products offering a focussing on liquid markets, Corporate bonds and Private Equity. Additionally, he covered the UK Tier 1 investor programme explaining the requirements and how KPC structures investments accommodating Home Office requirements, preservation of client capital and of course, capital appreciation. 

After a brief summary of the Economic outlook for the UK, US, Eurozone and China for 2020, guests were invited to join the team for drinks, canapes and enthusiastic discussion on the night’s topics.  Feedback from the audience were resoundingly positive and impressions were made based on the level of professionalism and expertise of Kylin Prime Group and Kylin Prime Capital have to offer. Equally, our invested clients were reassured by our core values, discipline, and dedication in helping them reach each and every one of their investment goals.