Steve Miley

Tue, Sep 17

Equity indices remain solid through Middle East worries


  • Increased geopolitical pressures have been since the attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil plants on Saturday, sending the oil price surging higher by a record amount.
  • Global stock markets have seen corrective losses on the back of robust rallies strong in to start September.
  • But equity averages have stayed resilient during the corrections, posting only modest losses.
  • Here we focus on the German benchmark index, the DAX, which remains positive from both a short- and intermediate-term perspective.


DAX: Threats stays higher 

A Monday probe to the topside Friday above 12473.5, after Thursday’s whipsaw price action that saw a push up to this level, then a setback and a bounce from 12303.5 above 12299 support, sustaining upside pressures since the late August advance above key 11847.5, and despite a setback this morning, whilst above 12324.5 to keep risks higher Tuesday.

The late August move up through 11847.5 secured an intermediate-term base and an intermediate-term bullish shift.

For Today:

  • We see an upside bias for 12421.5; break here aims for 12496 and 12500, maybe towards 12598.
  • But below 12355.5 opens risk down to 12303.5/299 and maybe 12256.

Intermediate-term Outlook - Upside Risks: We see an upside risk for 12650.

  • Higher targets would be 12835 and 13000.

What Changes This? Below 11565.5 shifts the intermediate-term outlook back to neutral; through 11480 is needed for an intermediate-term bear theme.




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