Steven Miley

Tue, Aug 27

Equities still trying to form bottoming reversals

* A heightening and then an easing of trade wars fears since Friday has seen a spike
in volatility foe the major global stock averages.

* Aggressive selloffs Friday and into Monday have been countered by significant
rebounds as the trade war posturing between the US and China has intensified

*However, the major global indices are still trying to form intermediate-term chart

*Her we focus on the German benchmark average, the DAX, which is tracing out a
potential Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern.

DAX intermediate-term “Inverse Head & Shoulders” Pattern Threat

Very volatile price action from Friday has echoed the broader, erratic tone evident through August, to establish an intermediate-term range we see defined by 11847.5 to 11480.  The extreme selloff Friday and extension lower Monday, then robust intraday rebound sets
risks higher for Tuesday.

For Today:

* We see an upside bias for 11700; break here aims for 11740.5 and 11796.5, maybe key

*But below 111600 opens risk down to 11544, maybe key 11480.


Intermediate-term Range Breakout Parameters:

*  Range seen as 11847.5 to 11480

*  Upside Risks: Above 11847.5 sets an intermediate-term bull trend to aim for 12260,
12466 and 12650.

* Downside Risks: Below 11480 sees an intermediate-term bear trend to target 11257,
10859 and 10000.

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